Arizona Faces Illegal Immigration issues


So picture yourself on a hot Arizona afternoon, coming home from work, driving along the rocky dirt road that turns into your property. You’re tired, ready for rest, and want to spend time with your wife and newborn son, when all of a sudden you see a black suburban driving onto your land a few miles off in the desert. You head over to investigate the trespass but when you catch up, three men step out of the suburban and open fire. Three bullets enter your neck, severing your airway and carotid artery, two more into your mid chest, passing through your sternum and in turn, shatter into most of your vital organs. You die less than fifteen seconds later in your truck in the middle of the desert, and are found by your wife the next morning. Meanwhile the sububan now stops and lets out its 10 weary passengers as they are pointed to the nearest town. The suburban then turns and heads back to Mexico for the next load of passengers and slips away across the border as quickly as it came.

Arizona is a state of 6,553,300 people according to the arizona state statistics website in Dec 2012. Of that 6.5 million people 910,902 people are foreign born peoples, and or that 6% of the total Arizona population or 419,014 people ( are illegal immigrants. These are people who use our healthcare, take our jobs, kill our fellow citizens and rob our possesions. This 6% of the state population accounts for 33% of murder, 35 % of rape, 37% of robbery, 33% of assault, and 30% of burglary (Crime in Arizona Report 2011). The list goes on and on but the bottom line is when will we say we have had enough?

For the total cost of the healthcare, education, and incarceration of illegal immigrants, Arizona taxpayers put up 2.6 Billion a year(fairus.or/facts). Nationwide, the Federal Government pays 113 billion a year for the education, healthcare and incarceration of say illegals.

The United States Department of Justice “Prisoners in 2011” puts the total number of prisoners in AZ at 33,490, while the number of illegals in AZ prisons are 5340, thats 16% of AZ prisoners. Its ridiculous that Obama will not pay attention to these facts, not just in Arizona, but across the southern US. As illegal immigrants account for 9.3% of the total work force ( in a state that reports 8.7% unemployment, it makes me wonder if Obama really cares about our jobs. Or how about the countless pounds of illegal narcotics brought into the nation, I thought he cared about our children. How about the troops that he always mentions so “highly”, well an example is the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center which was forced to cut 1.6 billion from their budget this year and furlough many of its contractors, affecting the treatment of 132 patients every day (National Institute of Health). How many wounded warriors are going to suffer because thier physcial therapist cant come to work? How many amputees arent going to have their prosthesis made correctly?

Its time we as Americans rose up and told Mr. Obama that we arent going to take his bullshit anymore. As a taxpayer, I am definitely not going to pay for illegals to steal my jobs and kill my people while my brothers lay in a hospital waiting for the money to get a transplant. Obama needs to learn also to stop being a sneaky bastard, man up and lead the nation that has elected him to do so. We as the people need to speak out and let others realize that its not racist to want a race to enter legally. Rascism is based on pre judging someone based on the color of their skin, my fiance is from El Salvador legally, trust me, I dont hate Hispanics, but what I do hate is when out of love for my nation and a desire to save it from the downward spiral, i try to fix the problems and get called out as a racist or ignorant, by the people im trying to help the most, my fellow Americans. I hate that someone is allowed to break the law, suck off our economy and still get rewarded for it.

The bottom line is we can no longer sit by idly and wait for something to happen, we need to take action an let our voices be heard. We need to silence the liberals that cloud the public opinion, we need to educate the public on the truth and we need to hold strong to that truth. How many more jobs have to be lost, how many more citizens have to suffer from a sequester blamed on conservatives when its the liberals that refuse to stop funneling 113 billion to illegals? Its time to stop this.


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